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    Cres Cor
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    Over $500
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    Insulated Hot Cabinet

Cafeteria & Restaurant Equipment

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Ice cream and slushy drinks are sure to please any crowd. Our soft-serve and frozen yogurt machines offer a simple, quick way for everyone to make their favorite dessert. Check out our frozen beverage and milkshake dispensers that fit right on your counter without taking up valuable floor space. And don't forget about hot foods and treats – you'll find a wide selection of ovens, griddles, ranges, broilers and induction cookers that make cooking simple. Insulated hot cabinets and convection ovens slow-cook food and keep everything warm until serving time.

Click an image to learn more about our cafeteria and restaurant equipment. If you have questions or need shopping advice, give us a call at 1-866-702-8473.

Please see our food service return policy.

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