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  • Type
    Wood/ Metal Combination
  • Width
    45" W
  • Number of Openings
    6 Openings

Wood Lockers

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Wood lockers are a little more welcoming than traditional steel lockers. Get open particleboard lockers to keep belongings easily accessible, and lockers with grille-style doors that allow you to see inside while keeping contents secure. Laminate lockers with doors offer versatile storage and give your office a clean look. Most of our storage lockers come in a big selection of colorful melamine finishes to liven up that dull office or breakroom. Choose your lockers in a selection of sizes for anywhere from one to six employees.

Click an image below to read more about that particular locker. If you're not sure which lockers are right for your office, give us a call at 1-866-702-8473 – we're happy to help.

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