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Four-Station Wireless Headphone Listening Center

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  • 72.100 Mhz Yellow
  • 72.500 Mhz Blue
  • 72.900 Mhz Green
Audio Output Stereo
Headphones Included 4
Wireless Type VHF/FM
Headphone Battery Type Sealed, rechargeable, Nickel-Metal Hydride
Headphone Battery Life 6 hours on full charge (Up to 500 charges)
Headphone Controls On/Off volume knob; battery level LED
Ear Cushions Cleanable, replaceable, leatherette
Headband Fully adjustable
Broadcast Distance Up to 100'
Transmitter Power Supply 12v AC
Transmitter Inputs 1/4" audio input, 1/4" mic input
Other Info Includes 6' long 1/4" input plug to 3.5mm mini-plug patch cord & charging lead for eight rechargeable wireless Califone headphones
Warranty 2 years
Assembly Ships assembled
Available Options: Wireless Frequency: 72.100 Mhz Yellow , 72.500 Mhz Blue , 72.900 Mhz Green
Weight 5.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

The Four-Station Wireless Listening Center from Califone offers the perfect solution for simple, cordless group listening. Each transmitter works with a specific frequency allowing up to four Califone Wireless Headphone systems to operate within the same vicinity. The Wireless Transmitters broadcast up to 100 feet unobstructed and are powered by standard AC electricity. Contain two inputs, one 1/4-inch audio input for broadcasting over the headphones and one 1/4-inch wired mic input for communicating to those listening to the headphones. This flexible setup allows for some creative uses ranging from student listening and reading centers to translating religious services on the fly for non-native speakers. Transmitters and position packages includes six-foot long 1/4-inch input plug to 3.5 mm mini-plug patch cord as well as charging lead for eight rechargeable Califone Wireless Headphones. Each of the headphones is powered by a rechargeable battery allowing for hundreds of uses on a single battery. Fully charged battery allows for up to 6 hours of constant use. Individual volume knobs allow the user to set the correct volume for their individual hearing ability. The ear cushions are easy to clean/sterilize and always replaceable. Finally, the headband adjusts from child size to adult size with ease. Includes the four wireless headphone units, a wireless transmitter, eight position charging lead for recharging the headphones and six-foot long 1/4-inch input plug to 3.5mm mini-plug patch cord.

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