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Cassida Corporation

TIGER Series Ultra-Compact Bill Counter (UV/MG Detection)

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Hopper Capacity 250 new bills
Stacker Capacity 250 new bills
Counterfeit Detection UV & MG
Speed 1300 bills/min
Modes Counting, adding, batching, add+batch
Display LED (audio & visual error alerts)
Power Supply 100 – 220 VAC 50-60 Hz
Moving Parts Self-lubricated bearings & steel roller shafts
Warranty 1 year
Features Auto-start, emergency stop, hinged top, error detection (double, half & chain note), note size detection
Includes Maintenance kit (cleaning cloth, brush, air duster), Spare parts kit (feed strippers, feed rollers. drive belt)
Width 10"
Depth 10"
Height 5.9"
Assembly Ships assembled
Weight 15.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

The Cassida TIGER Series Bill Counter counts your bills quickly and accurately while detecting counterfeits. UV and magnetic ink sensors automatically recognize fake bills and pause the counting process so you can remove the phony currency. Different operating modes allow you to count, add or batch your bills. Automatic detection of double, half and chain notes as well as note size ensures a precise count. Cleaning is easy with the hinged top and included maintenance and spare parts kit.

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