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AmpliVox Sound Systems

Half-Mile Hailer Outdoor Speaker System - Deluxe Handheld Wireless Package (Two Horns)

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Audience Size Up to 5,000
Total Microphone Inputs 1 wired & 2 wireless
Power Output 50 watts
Speakers 2 horn speakers
Controls Volume & tone controls
Wireless Inputs Built-in wireless receiver w/ handheld microphone & body pack transmitter
Wireless Range 300'
Wired Inputs 1/4" jack for wired microphone
Other Inputs Auxiliary input for CD, cassette or computer sound
Wired Outputs 2 speaker jacks for additional speakers, one line out jack
Power Sources AC adapter & rechargeable Nicad battery pack
Battery Run Time 8 hours w/ rechargeable pack; 200 hours w/ 10 D batteries
Charger AC adapter recharges battery power
Other Info Includes 2 adjustable tripods, cords, shoulder strap, wireless16-channel UHF handheld microphone, body pack transmitter, AC adapter w/ battery pack & nylon carrying case w/ wheels & retractable luggage handle
Warranty 6 years
Assembly Ships assembled
Weight 37.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

The Half-Mile Hailer Outdoor Speaker System from AmpliVox is perfect for outdoor sporting events and speaking engagements. The 50-watt, weather-proof horn speaker has enough power to project sound the length of a football field. Add music and other outside media to presentations by plugging a CD player, tape deck or computer into the auxiliary stereo jack. Includes two horn speakers, two adjustable tripods, cords and a wireless16-channel UHF handheld microphone. Move your PA system with ease in the nylon carrying case with wheels and retractable luggage handle.

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