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Norwood Commercial Furniture

Cork Roll - 1/4" Thick (4' W x 8' L)

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  • SKU: NOR-RC48
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Warranty 3 years
Width 4'
Length 8'
Assembly Installation required
Available Options: Adhesive
Weight 12.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

Norwood Commercial Furniture's Cork Roll is made from all-natural cork, so you can feel good about your purchase. The 1/4-inch thickness absorbs extra noise, making it a great insulator and soundproofer. The self-healing cork roll can be cut into any shape and size, so it's perfect for refinishing old boards. Add a roller and adhesive to your order for easy assembly - available at an additional cost.

Please note: We don't recommend gluing cork directly to your walls. Corkboards typically have a fiberboard backing into which the pins actually stick. Pins don't stick very well in drywall and can ruin a wall pretty quickly. Your local home store can probably fix you up with the backing and adhesive you need to make a great corkboard.

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