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Sellstrom Manufacturing

Gravit-Eye Gravity-Flow Portable Eye Wash Unit (16 Gallons)

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Tank 16-gallon green polyethylene tank
Spray Heads Integral full flow dual nozzles
Drain 3' drain hose in basin
Wall Bracket Epoxy-coated steel
Other Info ANSI-compliant
Unit should be inspected regularly and water in unit should be changed at least once every 6 months
Includes 8 oz. bottle of bacteriostatic additive to protect against growth of bacteria, fungus, algae and acanthamoeba
Weight 17.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

The Gravity-Flow Portable Eye Wash Unit from Sellstrom is ideal for experiments and construction in remote locations, or labs without a continuous water supply. Simply fill the rugged plastic tank with water and the anti-bacterial solution prepare your eye wash for use. Built-in handle makes it easy to carry. Pull the middle yellow tray down and dual nozzles will softly spray water into your eyes. The station will deliver more than 14 gallons of water over 15 minutes. Place the tray in the upright storage position to stop the spray. Instructions are prominently displayed in center. Comes with an epoxy-coated steel bracket if you would like to mount it on your wall. Holds 16 gallons.

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