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Buhl Industries

Mark IV Opus Opaque Overhead Projector

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Brightness 14,000 lumens
Base Projection Window 11.2" x 11.2" (Full A4 size)
Lamp Type ENX
Lamp Life 75 hours
Lens Type 330mm
Projection Distance 5' to 12'
Images Size 40" to 108"
Magnification 3x to 8x
Other Features Included dust cover
Thermostat for excessive temperature rise control
Warranty 1 year
Width 19 1/4"
Depth 23 1/2"
Height 13 1/4"
Assembly Ships assembled
Weight 56.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

The Buhl Industries Mark IV Opus Opaque Overhead Projector is the ideal projector for non-transparent materials such as original paper documents, art, books, magazines and even thin 3-Dimensional solid objects. A newly redesigned illumination system with 4 ENX halogen reflectors (combining for 14,000 lumens output) enables sufficient light output even for presentations in daylight conditions. Hi-quality optical elements within the dedicated projection lens guarantee a perfect, sharp and bright picture every time. Unit elevation can be adjusted from five to 10 degrees. Standard features include an LED that indicates lamp failure, fine picture tuning adjustments and a special dust/slip cover to protect your investment.

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