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Hamilton Electronics

Eight-Position Stereo Jack Box

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Number of Outputs 8
Output Stereo
Headphone Jacks Eight 1/4" headphone jacks
Jack Box Plug Size 3.5mm & 1/4" plugs
Cord Length 36"
Volume Control Individual volume control
Warranty 1 year
Power Source Permanently attached 6' cord connects w/ 1/4" & 3.5mm plugs to media players
Assembly Ships assembled
Weight 0.1 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

Up to eight students can listen to the same music or audio lesson when you plug your headphones into the Hamilton Electronics Eight-Position Stereo Jack Box. Each jack has its own volume control so students can adjust the sound to a comfortable level. Use with a learning center or cassette/CD player with 3 1/2 millimeter or 1/4-inch jack.

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