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AmpliVox Sound Systems

Half-Mile Hailer Outdoor Speaker System - Deluxe Lapel/Headset Wireless Package (Two Horns)

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Audience Size Up to 5,000
Total Microphone Inputs 1 wired & 2 wireless
Power Output 50 watts
Speakers 2 horn speakers
Controls Volume & tone controls
Wireless Inputs Built-in wireless receiver w/ wireless lapel, headset microphones & body pack transmitter
Wireless Range 300'
Wired Inputs 1/4" jack for wired microphone
Other Inputs Auxiliary input for CD, cassette or computer sound
Wired Outputs 2 speaker jacks for additional speakers, one line out jack
Power Sources AC adapter & rechargeable Nicad battery pack
Battery Run Time 8 hours w/ rechargeable pack; 200 hours w/ 10 D batteries
Charger AC adapter recharges battery power
Other Info Includes 2 adjustable tripods, cords, shoulder strap, wireless 16-channel UHF lapel & headset microphones, body pack transmitter, AC adapter w/ battery pack & nylon carrying case w/ wheels & retractable luggage handle
Warranty 6 years
Assembly Ships assembled
Weight 37.0 lbs.
Shipping Method UPS

The Half-Mile Hailer Outdoor Speaker System from AmpliVox is perfect for outdoor sporting events and speaking engagements. The 50-watt, weather-proof horn speaker has enough power to project sound the length of a football field. Add music and other outside media to presentations by plugging a CD player, tape deck or computer into the auxiliary stereo jack. Includes two horn speakers, two adjustable tripods, cords and wireless lapel and headset microphones. Move your PA system with ease in the nylon carrying case with wheels and retractable luggage handle.

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